Green Beetle Cafe

The Green Beetle interior concept by Mauritz Design is on course for expansion: after around eight months of project preparation and only three weeks of conversion time, Feinkost Käfer is opening the new Green Beetle Cafe at Ludwig Beck in Munich.

Information on the Design Concept
Green Beetle

Together with his team Stefan Mauritz has translated the characteristic design elements of the recently starred Green Beetle restaurant in Bogenhausen / Munich into the new café area at Ludwig Beck. “It’s all about the details”, he explains. “The new cafe at Beck presents itself in the environmentally friendly and resource-saving Green Beetle design. Starting with the furniture and lamps to the fabrics used. Everything is now airy, light and invites you to linger.” Because despite all the focus on the environment and health, the Green Beetle Cafe is also intended to be one thing above all: a place of relaxed enjoyment.



Cafe & Restaurant by Feinkost Käfer
Green Beetle