The Green Beetle by Feinkostkäfer Munich convinces with a completely sustainable restaurant concept. Vegan vegetarian in the kitchen and in the selection and processing of all resources, consistently environmentally conscious also in the interior design by Mauritz Design.

The Green Beetle restaurant (Schumannstraße 9 in Munich-Bogenhausen), which has just been awarded a star, pursues a clear sustainability concept. To this end, Mauritz Design developed a seamless design plan. “This was an ongoing process in which we also kept coming up with new solutions.” For example, a 40-year-old gym parquet floor was recycled and used as the floor. For the seat cushions and lampshades, Stefan Mauritz exclusively used fabrics made from upcycled yarns. Added to this are funnel-shaped lamps made from waste tobacco, hemp and wine by the South Tyrolean manufacturer Highsociety Studio. All the tiles behind the bar and in the washrooms were re-fired from old shards. A small painter’s workshop filled the walls with a specially mixed plaster made of lime, straw and nutshells. The entrance area is made of reused stone slabs from Dresden’s city centre, and in the outdoor area the wooden planks were old shuttering boards recycled from a construction site. “They are ideal for outdoors because they have already absorbed so much water that they no longer swell and shrink at all,” explains Stefan Mauritz. At the same time, they have the positive side effect that no resources were consumed.