From the sketch to the building project

When planning, Stefan Mauritz always takes into account his prevailing design principle: the unity of architecture and design, closely aligned with the client's wishes.

"Location, structural shell, interior: an overall concept."

The holistic approach that characterises the work of Stefan Mauritz begins with the first planning sketches. Stefan Mauritz and his team nestled a three-storey single-family house into a hillside plot above a lake. Its formal language quotes southern villas, but also the architectural style of the Bauhaus era. The minimalist balustrades on the terraces and windows, designed especially for this house, are an exciting contrast. There are different periods of time between the first sketch and the completion of a project, but they always include close coordination with the clients. “We have a characteristic approach and develop the building structure and the design of the rooms hand in hand.” The result: rooms full of well thought-out harmony and building projects of lasting value.

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