Interview with Mauritz Design,
AD Architectural Digest

Architect and interior designer Stefan Mauritz gives noble materials a grand entrance. Renouncing d├ęcor? Not at all with Mauritz Design. The Munich creator consciously works with patterns and accessories.

AD: We start with a quick question and answer game. Things you like?
Stefan Mauritz: Aesthetics, high-quality materials that you can also feel and consistent architecture.
AD: And what can you not stand?
Stefan Mauritz: Unloving atmosphere, monotony.
AD: The style of your office in three words?
Stefan Mauritz: Individual, sometimes avant-garde - yet always classic.
AD: You have one wish: Who would you like to have dinner with?
Stefan Mauritz: Julian Schnabel!
AD: And work with whom?
Stefan Mauritz: With Creative Art Collectors.
AD: What would you like to invent?
Stefan Mauritz: An app that immediately presents everything you are looking for in the field of architecture and design.
AD: When you look around: What does it look like in your studio?
Stefan Mauritz: There's calacatta marble, brushed oak, black china lacquer and hammered bronze.
AD: And in your own four walls? Do you have a favourite piece?
Stefan Mauritz: Raw wooden trunks that I dried and processed myself and use as a coffee table. Contrast this with a Nymphenburg porcelain figure as a solitaire.
AD: In general, where are you most creative?
Stefan Mauritz: Alone in the studio - and on holiday, detached from everyday life.
AD: What are you currently working on?
Stefan Mauritz: A unique architectural project that we will be hearing a lot more about. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to say more at the moment.